Are Solar Panels Worth It In Texas?

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Solar panels are an excellent option for Texans, given the amount of sunshine in the state! In recent years, Texas has especially embraced that solar potential on a utility scale. Solar capacity at the state’s large- and small-scale facilities doubled between 2019 and 2020, and the state now produces the second-highest amount of photovoltaic energy nationwide, right behind California.

Texas homeowners are similarly taking advantage of solar energy across the state. Residential solar systems can be an excellent investment, especially from financial and environmental perspectives. For more information on why solar energy could work for your home, read the article below.

How Solar Panels Work In Texas

One of the main reasons that solar panels are a viable option in Texas is because of the plentiful sunshine the state enjoys each year. For example, Dallas, TX enjoys 234 sunny days each year compared to the United States average of 205. No wonder why many Texans are looking to capitalize on using solar panels at their home.

Solar energy is created through this process:

  1. When sunlight hits solar panels, it causes the photons and electrons to interact, which creates an electrical current. 
  2. This electric current flows to the solar inverter, which transforms the energy from direct current electricity to alternating current electricity, the type used in your home.
  3. The electrical current then goes through a breaker box and circulates throughout the home.

What Are The Benefits Of Solar In Texas?

There are several benefits to using solar energy at your Texas home:

  1. Potentially reduce your electric bill: As you reduce your grid dependence by using energy provided by the sun, you could potentially see a long-term reduction in your electric bills.
  2. Own your power: Producing your own electricity means you are less exposed to rising electric costs that might come from your utility provider.
  3. Limit the effects of power outages: Solar energy can fill the gaps when the grid fails. This means that if there is a grid failure in your area, your Pink Energy battery backup could help power key parts of your home. 

How Many Solar Panels Does My Texas Home Need?

The number of solar panels that you need for your home depends on a number of factors:

  1. Your current electric bill: The number of panels you need depends on your current electricity usage. The more electricity your home uses, the more solar panels you will need to power your home.
  2. The amount of shade your roof gets: If your home receives sunlight all day, you’ll likely need fewer solar panels than if your home experiences periodic shade. 
  3. Your home appliances: There are some energy efficiency products available to potentially reduce your overall electricity consumption. If you choose to install them, it’s possible that you will need fewer solar panels. For example, Pink Energy provides every customer with its SMARTPWR360™ energy-efficiency package to help raise the baseline efficiency level of each home.

If you’re interested in adding solar panels at your Texas home, you can learn more about Pink Energy’s customized solar solutions from our local San Antonio office. For more information, contact our team here! We would be happy to help you realize your solar potential.