Do Solar Panels Work in the Shade?

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For homeowners interested in adding solar panels to their home’s energy setup, there are several factors to consider to ensure that solar panels will address their energy needs. One big item on the list involves examining the property to determine if shading is an issue on your roof. Though solar panels will generate electricity even if there is some shading, considerable amounts of shade will affect how viable solar energy can be for your home. To learn more about how shade can affect your solar panel system, read the article below.

How Can Solar Panels Produce In Shade?

As long as the sun is out, solar panels are capable of producing electricity. But weather and shading are among the factors that play a part in how much electricity can be produced. Shade obstructs most sunlight from reaching solar panels, thereby putting a pretty big wrench in any plans you have to power your home with solar!

Indirect sunlight can reach your panels through shade, but it isn’t nearly as effective a source of energy as direct sunlight. Clearing any shading is worth doing for the potential cost savings on your electric bills down the road. Giving your panels the most sunlight possible could enable you to rely less on grid power, potentially giving your wallet a rest and providing the chance to make the most of your investment. 

What To Do For A Shady Roof

If your roof is entirely shaded, investigate the source of the shade before inquiring about solar panel installation. Most likely, there are trees obstructing the line of direct sunlight to your roof. By trimming back or even cutting down trees (we prefer the latter, because trimmed branches can always grow back!), you can get the most out of your solar panels. 

Not only does tree maintenance ensure the chance to produce solar power, it also helps our team create the best possible layout for your solar panels. By having the new, sunny roof in full view for your in-person consultation, we’ll know exactly where panels will best generate power. We’d recommend giving your local tree service a call to see what can be done to give your roof a sunnier environment. 

Solar Power Custom-Made For You

Pink Energy’s team of experts work with you from Day 1 to create a solar panel system that gives your home the optimal conditions for solar energy production. We are passionate about our nationwide vision for renewable solar power, and your local solar team will be happy to assist you in learning more about our premium, American-made solar panels. Learn more about how solar power could work with your home’s unique energy needs with a free quote on a custom-built solar solution today!