The Benefits Of Solar In San Antonio, TX

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Solar panels are one of the best renewable energy alternatives to fossil fuels available on the market for those looking to reduce their carbon footprint and live a greener lifestyle. But even beyond the basic environmental benefits, there are plenty of reasons why going solar in San Antonio can benefit you in the long run. Not convinced? We’ve compiled a list of premium reasons for why solar energy will work for homeowners in Texas below!

1. Potentially reduce your electricity bill.

First and foremost, if you’re producing your own energy, you won’t be relying solely on the grid for your power, which means you could potentially see your electricity bills drop. These monthly savings can add up over the years, allowing you to potentially see a substantial return on your solar investment over the life of the system. 

2. Take advantage of net metering in Texas.

At the moment, Texas does not have a statewide net metering policy, but some utility companies do allow you to send excess solar energy back to the grid for a credit (in some instances, a 1-to-1 credit) on your electric bill. That list includes El Paso Electric, CPS Energy and Green Mountain Energy, as each have policies crediting owners of solar energy systems for the excess electricity their panels produce. This is another way you can see a financial return on your solar investment.

3. Protect your home from the effects of power outages.

When the grid goes down, most people are left in the dark! But if your home is harnessing the power of Texas sunshine, you can have protection in case of power outages by storing excess solar energy in a Pink Energy battery backup. This means that you can power portions of your home with just solar panels to keep the essentials running in case there’s a long-term outage.

4. Potentially increase the value of your home.

A recent study on Zillow found that your home can potentially sell for 4.1% more with a solar panel system than without. As more people see the value of solar power, there is more demand for homes that come with the greener alternative energy already installed.

Go Solar In San Antonio, TX With Pink Energy

Add solar quickly and easily with Pink Energy’s San Antonio-based experts! It’s as simple as filling out a form and completing a call with our local solar professionals. Between our industry knowledge and the sunny weather Texas is known for, you’ll be experiencing all the benefits of solar energy in no time!